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Able To Walk Without Pain

Hi this is Cynchia I just wanted you to know that Dr. Shih and his staff at Head to Toe have made a huge difference in my life. I can walk again wihtout pain, and I'm no limping my back feels better. Its been a wonderful experience and its only been one month since I started seeing him.

Highly recommend Dr. Shih and Heat to Toe

The Helpfulness Of Orthotics

If your watching this video and you are thinking about orthotics, they're the greatest thing in the world. I have bunions since I was six years old, and I board orthotics since I was six years old and I'm now sixty five. And the Doctors orthotics I think its been the best of all the once I had.

I have extremely flat feet and they support my foot so my foot doesn't get so tired. My husband wear orthotics, my daughter wears orthotics and they make your feet feel wonderful. I have all kinds of different shoes and i always get my orthotics put in right away. They are wonderful to support your foot what ever condition I think your foot is in. It just keep you aline and street, your legs feel much better your back is more alined. Hope that helps you to decide if your thinking about orthotics.

They are extremely comfortable I've never had to get adjusted to wearing orthotics I just put in my shoe and I'm busy good for the whole days, to days to days and I can really tell if I have not wear orthotics on because my feet really really hurts. 

Thank you!

Huge Foot Pain Relief

I have came to see Dr. Shih, on the purpose that I have lot of pain. And had ankle replacement, two surgeries for that and three new replacement on my right leg. And I have a lot of swelling. So, I came to see what he might be able to do, that has been surprising, the quality of life that I've getting by coming here.

Nothing cures everything and I have rheumatoid arthritis and there's no cure for that, however pain could be relieve. I came with a great deal of pain and not knowing why I have it. And now I have managable pain which is going down with each trip.

So I'm very appreciative with Dr. Shih and I would recommend him to anyone.

Great change in lifestyle after injection

Hi my name is Steve, Dr. Shih helped me out immensely. Back in 2015 I have back surgery where they found my sciatic nerver was embedded in my bone from an old fracture. After the surgery I had major pain in my leg, all the way down to my big toe and it hurt. I hardly walk, I hardly use my foot right.

Dr. Shih give me a shot in my knee area for the pain in my toe and pain went away imadately and not only that he help me, He help my back pain my lower back pain in my sciatic pain to the point where I was able come off major madication I was on for pain.

It was amazing, he is good of what he does.

Toe Treatment in Tucson

I initially came into the office because I had a third toe on my left foot that was very red and swollen and was painful. The doctor did an MLS laser treatment and that really helped a lot. It took away the redness and all of the swelling.

Coming here was my main reason too was to for preventative reasons just to try to keep my legs and feets and good health and they're great office.

Foot Surgery Tucson

Yes my name is George Anderson, and I am here for a surgery on my foot. And when the first time I meet Dr. Shih, he walked into the room I said he's a young guy don't know if I need him to do anything with me.

But he turned out to be very very competent. The surgery was successful and I feel no pain. And he does exemplary work i would recommend anyone to him.

Because he is what he is and that is great. Thank you

Hammer Toe Surgery

For years I was having problems with my hammer toe, and when it got to the point where I couldn't wear shoes because of blisters on my toes I finally decided to get it taken care of. I had an appointment with Dr. Shih and I have been happy ever since.

It was a great appointment, it was a good operation and a pleasant experience specially with the Doctor.

I have absolutely no pain and I have another hammer toe on my right foot which I will be getting fix in a couple of months.

Podiatrist in Tucson

I was here one week ago, I had laser treatment on my right foot, and it's much better immediately. The bad ingrown toenail on my left foot was fixed and cut down and cleaned up. I've been pain free there for the first time in quite a long time.

I was very happy with the service and the results.

Fractured bone and Ingrown Toenail

I was here for a fracture bone in my right foot and an ingrown toenail on my right index toe. I was treated very well here. The doctor is very precise on what he is going to do and very articulate on how it's going to be handled.

The staff here is very friendly. My whole experience with Head To Toe has been great. I'd recommend them to any of my friends and family.