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Looking for a Podiatrist in Tucson, AZ?  Look no further than Head To Toe Healthcare, Dr. Alan Shih is your trusted foot doctor for all types of foot conditions.  We offer foot exams and treatment for ankle sprains and fractures, foot surgery, treatment for neuropathy and nerve pain due to neuropathy.  We also serve our community with sports medicine and running injuries, including custom orthotics.

Dr. Alan Shih also has a very unique specialty in treating pain in the legs and feet due to neuropathy.  We are the home of the Tucson Neuropathy Institute, so we have a lot of experience treating our clients with this condition. Please click on our Tucson Podiatrist Reviews tab above to see what other Head To Toe Healthcare patients are saying about Dr. Alan Shih and Head To Toe Healthcare.

Below are a few of the innovative foot treatments we use in our Tucson, AZ podiatry office that are very effective and painless for tackling tough foot pain and foot injuries.

PRP Therapy

PRP therapy or Platelet-rich plasma therapy works by using the athletes own blood to speed up recovery and its success in treating injuries among high profile professional athletes (Golf star Tiger Woods, tennis star Rafael Nadal) and has generated quite a buzz recently. Injury triggers a natural healing process within the human body to repair the damaged tissues. How? When injured, the body signals blood components referred to as platelets and other components to migrate to the site of injury. Platelets release several growth factors that initiate as well as promote the healing process. Advances in medicine have ensured that the platelets and growth factors can be harnessed and concentrated to be accurately introduced to the site of the injury through an injection.

The amniotic tissue has been used by physicians for over a century as a biologic dressing. However, this new product, AminoMatrix, is a versatile wound cover that is non-steroidal and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is derived from the amniotic fluid as well as its membrane which contain lots of collagen that is known to provide a number of components that are necessary for fetal growth and development. Frequently treated areas of injury are the ankle, plantar fascia, foot joints for arthritis, Achilles tendon and several soft tissue injuries around the leg. Most patients suffering from inflammation and pain can be assured of a huge improvement after a single treatment.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)
Since the early 90s this kind of therapy has been used to tackle musculoskeletal disorders. It is derived from lithotripsy which is arrived at through the mechanical breaking up of renal stones using sound waves. This type of therapy has a success rate of 82% according to a study in the Journal of Foot and Ankle surgery. It can be compared to the surgical release of the plantar fascia minus the complications, risks and the lengthy recovery time associated with surgery. This procedure requires no anesthesia and can be performed even in the office within no time. Patients who undergo this procedure can walk immediately and go back to their normal activity after a few days.

Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation (RNFA)
This procedure has been used by interventional pain physicians who have carried out thousands of spinal as well as peripheral nerve ablations for patients with chronic pain. It is a very effective way of treating Plantar Fascitis and Morton’s Neuroma acceding to the data that has been presented. RNFA utilizes radiofrequency energy to cause disruption of nerve function. For instance, a peripheral nerve can no longer transmit pain as usual after RNFA. Cold therapy or cryotherapy can be compared to RNFA. The crucial difference between these two types of treatment is that RNFA isolates sensory fibers from motor fibers and treats only sensory fibers that provide pain sensation.

Cellulite and Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)
This procedure utilizes pressure waves to reduce cellulite by simply manipulating the connective tissue located deep under the skins surface using acoustic pulses that release cells responsible for cellulite. This process works by increasing collagen production, circulation and elasticity of tissues leading to a considerably smoother skin. This procedure can be done even in the office.