Neuropathy Treatments

Hi, My name is Martha. I'm a patient of Dr. Shih, I have peripheral neuropathy on both feet and my legs. And I have ### in the bottom of both feet.I started out with Dr. Shih with the neurogenics machine, I did nine treatment of that. And it relieve almost 90% of ### in my feet and legs.

Then I when on to the laser, and I done nine laser treatments. And after the seventh laser treatment, I would say I have 75% less pain. I have less burning in my ankles, less burning in my toes. And less swelling, and even the ### on the bottom of my feet feels that they shrunk and there's less burning also.

So I'm going to continue my laser treatment every two weeks, and even ### go every three weeks, and most likely go to once a month. For the rest of my life, because there's no cure for neuropathy but this is keeping my pain ### so much less than what I have before hopefully I will get to 90% less pain.

I would like to continue and I have the burning pain come back again, Thank you.}

Dr. Alan Shih

Dr. Alan Shih, Director of Neuropathy Services at Head to Toe Healthcare, is committed to improving & restoring sensation to neuropathic feet. He has completed the Lower Extremity Peripheral Nerve Surgery advanced train.g in Baltimore, accredited by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and directed by Dr. A. Lee Dellon. There are roughly 220 surgeons, primarily consisiting of plastic, orthopedic, general, and podiatric surgeons worldwide who have received this training. Dr. Slob is a Fellow of the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons (AENS)