Neuropathy Recovery

My name is Don, I have a neuropathy for twenty plus years. I am not a diabetic a have little back injury, problem with feet tangling, stabbing pains shooting up through my toes cramping up and then the cabs. Can't sleep with any sheet or anything like that on my feet.

I have eight treatments my left foot is getting close to be a normal. And the right one is probably filthy to sixty percent better that it was. I haven't falling in the last couple months.

The balance is also improved.

Dr. Alan Shih

Dr. Alan Shih, Director of Neuropathy Services at Head to Toe Healthcare, is committed to improving & restoring sensation to neuropathic feet. He has completed the Lower Extremity Peripheral Nerve Surgery advanced train.g in Baltimore, accredited by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and directed by Dr. A. Lee Dellon. There are roughly 220 surgeons, primarily consisiting of plastic, orthopedic, general, and podiatric surgeons worldwide who have received this training. Dr. Slob is a Fellow of the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons (AENS)