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Neuropathy Improvement

I'd like to talk a little bit about the treatment over the years that Dr. Shih has provided for me. The latest one the neuropathy kit that has the medical food and cream for neuropathy. I had severe neuropathy, almost to the point that its very difficult for me to walk. With a surgical procedure that Dr. Shih did a few years ago and now with the neuropathy kit containing the medical food and the cream.

I'm able to function a lot better. I don't trip as much because of neuropathy and I highly recommend that kit. One thing about it, if you can't walk you can't function very well and I would say try it and see how you like it.

I give Dr. Shih many accolades because he has really worked with me thru this time of trial and tribulation for my feet. Thank you very much.

Neuropathy Treatment

I'm here at foot Doctor fomr Head to Toe, doing treatments for my feet and legs. This treatment have helped me very much, I only have 4 treatments. I have noticed a big difference. I would recommend everybody to get these treatments.

Thank you very much!

Foot Pain Treatment in Tucson

I'm Mark, I'm here for the neuro modulator treatment. I got to the point for about 2 years I couldn't feel my feet, they didn't want to move with me when I moved.

I had already had previous treatment of another kind for plantar fasciitis from Dr. Shih. So when I got to this particular ailment I came back to Dr. Shih and he gave me this treatment and about a day later it started to take affect and my feet felt like they were moving with me again.

So if you already have those kind of feeling in your feet or plantar fasciitis my recommendation is come to see Dr. Shih.

One of the best treatments for Neuropathy

This treatment has help me considerably, I think its one of the best treatment there are for neuropathy. I had a little portion of one of the nerve taken out of my ankle, which made my foot numb for the rest of my life. The desease that hit me settle in my feet as neuropathy. I've once a very active person, and I was just devastated that I could not walk anymore.

Dr. Shih has worked with me and we're using this treatment and its working. I just want to thank Dr. Shih and the makers of this machine and all the things that go with it.

I'm looking forward to restoring my feeling in my feet and being able to walk again. I cannot walk to the mall or do any shoping or do any trip or anything until I'm able to walk. So that's what we're working for now. Thank you

Restoring sensation for peripheral neuropathy

I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I came for my first treatment last week and I noticed actually when I got home that I had more sensitivity in my feet.

And I'm here for my second treatment today but I was kind of blown away by how much more sensitive my feet felt and infact I told my hustband said "I don't know if I'm gonna go back because my feet hurt now".

It had been so long since they'd had any feeling.

Foot Pain Treatment Tucson

My name is Kathy, I came to Doctor Shih because I had the worst pains in my feet. And I was certain there was something in my foot and he looked at them and there was some calluses that he took care of it.

It was an absolute Miracle what he did with my feet I got a cortisone shot and laser treatments that just made it a hundred percent better. I told him I just get into tears when I think about how much pain I had in my feet. And after coming to him it was just like a miracle and that's all I can say is I'm through and I thank him and I thank this everybody here is been wonderful and I just I can't even tell you what I was experiencing but he was able to correct it a hundred percent.

And I completely trust him and I'm going to recommend this place to anybody that has any issue with their feet. Thank you

Ankle Pain Treatment Tucson

I came to see Dr. Shih about six weeks ago I was having trouble with my left ankle I had a knot on the inside of my left ankle. Dr. Shih was immediately able to help with the laser treatment and it helped alleviate the pain and I was able to walk on my left foot normally pretty much normally as before I was having a lot of pain.

And in addition to that Dr. Shih administered a cortisone shot in the left ankle and it helped alleviate the pain from a torn ligament that was affecting not only the ankle but the bottom of my foot and my left leg.

So really pleased with the services I received especially the laser treatment cortisone and then I wear orthotics in my running shoes and they have helped give me better arch support which I should have had long before now.

So thank you Dr. Shih I would recommend you to anyone who needs assistance and alleviate pain in your feet.

After Ingrown Nail Surgery

Hi my name is Cynthia , and I came to see Dr. Shih about 2 years ago for a very painful ingrown toenail. He took care of me and did a laser treatment on it as well.

My nail reattached and I have had no issues since. I'm now back for another issue on the other foot related to my heel pain and arch and he's fixing me up so that I'm gonna be able to hiking on Hawaii.

I highly recommend Dr. Shih, he's a good doctor and very good at explaining things and I appreaciate that I have found him to help me with my issues, thanks a lot.

Toe Surgery Tucson

I have a toe on each foot that has been a problem. I just had the left toe operated on Thursday. It was very, very easy. By Monday I was actually back in the gym doing upper body workout and it was not uncomfortable at all.

It now has no pain and a lot of motion.

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